Is everyone an orphan?

Selune's Temple

It's character building

Having dispatched the orcs of Wyvern Tor our heroes returned to Hamun Kost, the necromancer at Old Owl Well. Kost informed the party as to the identity of the Black Spider: he is a drow named Nezznar. This name was unfamiliar to the adventurers, yet Sir Ender’s spider amulet started to grow heavy at the mere mention of Nezznar’s name.

The group continued their journey west, intending to return to Phandalin, while embarking on a number of quests along the way.

They visited with the banshee Agatha, who turned out to be much less frightening than anticipated. Agatha helpfully informed the party of Nezznar’s whereabouts: that he had taken up residence within Wave Echo Cave, and that he ultimately commands the Cragmaw goblin tribe. As she diminished from the material plane, her eyes locked with Kassion’s, and she announced his doom was at hand!

Suitably traumatized, our heroic wanderers sought out the temple of Grayscale’s patron, Selune, which had been rumored to be overrun with “birdmen”.

Upon reaching the temple, it was soon clear these were no rumors. First a lone scout gave way to a group in the central courtyard. These were no lowly foes, but the adventurers prevailed nonetheless. After cleansing the center of the temple the group noticed that the compass carved into the central column faced the wrong direction. Kassion detected that there was an enchantment upon the column.

Our heroes continued their search of the temple grounds and came upon Elsa, the barmaid from Phandalin, bound and gagged in one of the out-buildings. She told the adventurers of a figurine that the Kenku had stolen and hidden somewhere in the temple. Promising to return her safely to the village after the temple was cleared, the adventurers untied her and moved on.

Soon they came upon a harpy’s lair in the south building. A battle ensued and the harpy was driven off, badly injured. Amongst her lair the adventurers found a variety of stolen artifacts.

Now the band has little more than the great hall of the temple itself to face before being able to restore Selune’s honor in this place. What manner of foul beast lurks within?


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