Is everyone an orphan?

Back in Phandalin

Having taken a rest after taking care of the resident Harpy, our intrepid heroes ventured into the central temple building. Kassion sent his imp familiar in to investigate, but the sound of its wings beating gave it away and the two Kenku playing dice disappeared into a back room.

Assuming the upper-hand to be theirs, Magwyn, Sir Ender, and Kassion advanced. The steps to the temple were covered in ball bearings, but with the reflexes of cats the trio were able to keep their feet. However, the Kenku got the jump on the adventurers. While Magwyn got a quick shot off and hit the Kenku leader, a volley of arrows soon had our heroes reeling.

The tide quickly turned in the party’s favor. Magwyn’s arrows flew true. Sir Ender’s sword swung cleanly. Kassion’s magical flame found its mark. Rayne’s spells crippled her foe. Grayscale dropped the leash of their goblin companion, Droop and brought his healing touch to the party, hurting from the ambush.

Once Magwyn dispatched Chaza, Droop saw his opportunity for riches and ran forth into the middle of the melee. He quickly found an item of great value and made a run for it.

With their leader dead, the remaining Kenkus started their retreat. Unfortunately, they were trapped, so had no choice but to run past the ferocious band. Soon they were all cut down, with the final Kenku reduced to nothing but an ancient pile of dust by the terrifying grip of Grayscale.

By now, Droop and his loot had nearly made it out of sight, but eagle-eyed Magwyn shot him clean through the leg, stopping him in his tracks. A search of his body though, revealed he had simply stolen the Kenku leader’s belt buckle.

While searching the Kenkus’ belongings, the group came upon a broken jade owl statue. A statue that Magwyn recognized from her past as the very same that she had touched and been banished for. Somehow this statue is yet of importance, but how? Who could tell them, and where is the second half?

After returning to Phandalin, the merry troop exchanged their spoils for some shiny new supplies, and reported back to the town master on their success. Sildar also congratulated them, but implored them to keep up the pressure on the Cragmaws – “Gundren may yet be alive! We must find that poor dwarf!”

To relieve the burdens of the journey, the heroes retired to Daran Edermath’s orchard and discussed what they had seen. He was grateful to learn of the activity at Old Owl Well, and thrilled to hear the adventurers’ stories. Impressed by Sir Ender’s valor and righteousness, he offered (and Sir Ender accepted) induction into the Order of the Gauntlet.

What will happen next? What lies in wait at Cragmaw Castle? Who knows them meaning of the owl statue? And what other darkness lurks under the surface, in Phandalin?


lucanhesh lucanhesh

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