Is everyone an orphan?

Further into Cragmaw

Having recovered from their fight with the grick, the group was ready to continue their foray into the castle. Before Kassion could send his imp ahead to investigate beyond the curtain, Sir Ender pulled the curtain back in dramatic fashion. This revealed an apparently empty altar room. Sir Ender walked in to investigate, but too late was able to spot the glint of a metal arrow head. Six goblins loosed their arrows at Sir Ender, but only a couple found their mark. Sir Ender brazenly charged towards the goblins. He was quickly followed by Rayne the bear, and the rest of his companions. Rayne and Sir Ender made quick work of the first two goblins, while Magwyn picked them off with her longbow from the doorway. Soon sensing their defeat, the goblin acolytes formed a defensive circle around their leader, the priest Lhupo. Grayscale strode forth and brought a divine fire down upon Lhupo, instantly destroying the goblin priest. Soon the remaining goblins were dispatched and the room was quiet. Our heroes found valuable golden instruments the goblins used in their rituals. They liberated them.

Moving into the next room, the party found a store of old supplies. Most of these barrels looked rotten, and the stink of meat gone bad hung in the air. Holding their noses and avoiding spending too much time here, the adventurers couldn’t help but notice a suit of armor and some weaponry that looked out of place. Kassion recognized it as belonging to Sildar Hallwinter – the knight in Phandalin who had encouraged them to take down the Cragmaws and find Gundren.

Taking the equipment to return to Sildar, the group pressed on. Sir Ender found a locked door. He ran at it and struck it hard. It shook on its hinges, but did not break down. Rayne the bear took a mighty paw to it and the door exploded in splinters. On the other side, alerted to their presence by the failed attempt to break down the door, were four hobgoblins. Their arrows flew as Rayne charged directly in to combat, immediately decapitating the first hobgoblin with a single swift bite. The party threw all they had at the hobgoblins, and even Grayscale hurled his javelin right through the leg of one of his foes. However, two of the hobgoblins charged the bear and with powerful two-handed swings of their longswords dealt mighty wounds to Rayne. Her bear form melted away and she was Rayne Moonflower once more. Still though, the hobgoblins were well outnumbered and soon succumbed to the hail of blows from Sir Ender, and the crack shooting of Magwyn.

Collecting themselves, and the hobgoblins’ supplies, the gang continued their search of the castle. Finding many empty rooms, they sent the imp forth as a scout. Many more open caverns, filled only with old barrels, were explored until the adventurers came upon another barred door. After a few attempts it was Grayscale who was able to break down the door, and within stood three more hobgoblins with longbows drawn. Incredibly, Grayscale received hardly a scratch from the hail of arrows. He and Kassion caught the hobgoblins in devastating magical blasts. Magwyn dropped one hob-gob with an expert shot from her longbow, while another made a quick escape through a passage to the north.

While the rest of the gang fought the remaining hobgoblin, Impy and Sir Ender gave pursuit to the fleeing enemy. Sir Ender nimbly ducked past the hobgoblin in the room and disappeared down the passage after his quarry. He came to a door and found that his foe had barred it behind itself. The rest of the party caught up with him having vanquished the third hobgoblin and between magical fire and brute force they broke in the door.

Beyond they saw the hobgoblin standing with a massive bugbear, that could only be King Grol. King Grol grasped an unconscious dwarf by the throat and held a twisted dagger to its throat as he smirked at the adventurers.

Will our heroes be able to save Gundren’s life? What does King Grol want? Can the party make it out alive?


lucanhesh lucanhesh

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