Is everyone an orphan?

Infiltrating Cragmaw Castle

Having rested up in the company of Daran Edermath of Phandalin, the adventurers decided to strike out at Cragmaw Castle.

The three day journey to the castle was surprisingly quiet and on the dawn of the fourth day, the party came to the edge of a clearing. Within the clearing stood the castle they sought. They surveyed the sight before them. An aging castle with tall towers flanking a central entranceway. The south tower was substantially damaged, with one whole side in near total ruin. Kassion sent his imp to investigate the ruined tower. Impy turned invisible as he approached. The ruins of the tower made it difficult to see a hanging beam, into which the imp flew. Impy turned visible, fell to the ground, and landed with a thump. The adventurers held their breath … And heard the outraged screams of goblin sentries.

Our heroes prepared themselves for the onslaught, and as the first goblins rounded the corner Rayne and Magwyn loosed a volley of arrows. Grayscale hurled his javelin and impaled a goblin guard. As the goblin arrows started to rain down upon the party from the towers’ arrow slits, Kassion had no choice but to cut Droop’s leash. As Droop ran from the battle and disappeared into the surrounding forest, Kassion scorched the castle with his dark magic, causing yells of pain from within. Sir Ender valiantly charged past the towers to the castle entrance. Soon he was kicking down doors and running goblins through. As the goblins outside fell to the blasts from Kassion, the party followed Sir Ender inside. Soon seven goblins lay dead and our intrepid adventurers needed a short rest.

Once they had recovered their strength, Sir Ender and Kassion explored their surroundings. Kassion found a tripwire in the hallway to the east, which he easily disarmed. Meanwhile, sir Ender spied a gang of goblins gorging themselves in a dining hall. He boldly strode forth and tried to tell them that he was simply here for the food. The goblins wanted to know who he was and where he was from, but sir Ender was unable to convince them that he was not an intruder. At the command of their leader Yegg, the goblins let forth a hail of arrows at Sir Ender. Amazingly, only a single arrow hit, giving him a mere flesh wound. Realizing the danger Sir Ender was in, Rayne summoned an animal spirit and turned into a terrifying brown bear. She was soon tearing goblins limb from limb. Kassion ran into the fray and caught four goblins in a single blast, causing horrific injuries to each of them. Despite being outnumbered, the party soon prevailed and were able to continue their siege of the castle.

In the next room, the group walked in, but Grayscale found it eerily quiet and elected to stand back for a time. When it appeared the group was in no danger, he ventured forth and joined his companions. He inspected several carvings and determined that it was humans who originally built this castle. Before he could tell the party much more, a giant worm-like creature dropped from the ceiling and set upon the group. Still being in bear form, the ferocious Rayne Moonflower inflicted terrible wounds on the beast. Her nimbleness kept her safe also, for the one strike the creature was able to land left a large hole where once there was the flank of a bear. Soon the group was able to subdue the writhing creature and gather themselves once more.

Now they find themselves in some sort of outer shrine-room. Engulfed in darkness but for the flickering of Grayscale’s torch. What awaits them in the darkness? Where and who is King Grol? And is Gundren, their dwarf patron, still alive?


lucanhesh lucanhesh

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