Is everyone an orphan?

Victory at Wyvern Tor

Our heroes secured a night’s lodging at Stonehill Inn in return for taking care of the red brand nuisance. However, despite having told Toblen of their success in confidence, they awoke the next day to find the whole town seemed to know of their success.

After interrogating Glasstaff’s rat and a quick humanitarian trip to the edge of town to set him free, the adventurers went shopping. Well, more selling of loot than buying. Although Magwyn did pick up a nice new falconry set for her owl.

A quick visit to Daran Edermath to learn more about the threat to the east and the party was soon on the road to Old Owl Well in order to determine what was going on.

It was a journey of a few days and upon the way the travelers were waylaid by a band of hobgoblins. The attackers were dispatched without too much trouble and our intrepid heroes were quick to learn that this attack was no chance meeting, but a group sent specifically to stop the party by the Black Spider. The group wisely chose to question the hobgoblins and were able to learn the location of the Cragmaw Castle. Perhaps there they will find further clues about what is going on in the area.

Another day’s travel brought the group to Old Owl Well. Initially all appeared quiet, so Kassion sent his Imp familiar to investigate and spied the wizard as well as many dead bodies. An attempt to burn the bodies only provoked the zombies to rise and attack the party. The adventurers engaged and started valiantly hacking down the undead horrors. Grayscale shifted the odds strongly in the party’s favor by turning most of the zombies away.

The wizard, outraged, emerged from his tent, demanding an explanation. The party began to parlay with him and while he revealed little about his intention at the well, he did express a desire to have the orcs in the area dealt with so he could be left in peace. He also requested that the party ask the Banshee, Agatha, who it was that built the tower in the first place. In exchange, he promised the adventurers information, although it was unclear if he had any to share or was just leading the group on.

Nevertheless, the fellowship agreed that taking care of the orcs was worthwhile if for no other reason that the reward promised by the town master in Phandalin. And so, the motley crew proceeded to Wyvern Tor.

Once again, the Imp was able to scout ahead along with Magwyn. A lone Orc guard was easily dealt with and Kassion and Magwyn proceeded to a cave mouth from which cooking smells and sounds of raucous carousing were emanating.

Magwyn, the closest the group has to an Orcish expert, attempted to lure some orcs out with a cunning deception. Which the orcs saw straight through.

An intense fight ensued. Magwyn and Kassion ran but were soon caught by orcs. Despite fighting valiantly there were too many. Grayscale strode boldly forth and blessed his companions with Selune’s touch. However, this was not enough. Soon Kassion and Magwyn both fell and orcs and an ogre overran the entire party. Magwyn was on the brink of death!

Grayscale, selflessly stepped away from the ogre. The ogre, Gog, swung his club at Grayscale and crushed several bones. Still, Grayscale was able to send out a prayer of healing and restore himself, Kassion and Magwyn, saving Magwyn from almost certain death.

Inspired by this turning point, Rayne said no more and transformed as she had before, into a terrifying brown bear.

It was not long after this that the intrepid warriors were able to subdue the orcs and Rayne was able to tear Gog asunder.

Finally, the last Orc, realizing he was lost, dodged out of Sir Ender’s reach and ran for the hills. Magwyn was not going to allow this orc’s escape and cleanly finished him with an arrow at 20 yards.

And now, the adventurers rest in the lair of this former Orc band. Recovering their strength as night falls, they enjoy the relative safety of the cave, and the surprisingly good provisions the orcs had plundered from the area. Now, far to the east of Phandalin and Cragmaw Castle, will the group continue to visit Agatha for the old wizard? What information will they seek from him, and what is he doing at the tower anyway? And when they make it to Cragmaw Castle, will they find Gundren Rockseeker alive?


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